With so many pillow options out there, how do I find the one that’s right for me?

People are different sizes and sleep in different positions. A properly fitted pillow supports your spinal alignment, helping you feel better.

The entire length of your spine including the neck should be aligned when sleeping. The height of your pillow is the distance between your neck and the sleep surface.

Consider how firm or soft your pillow and sleep surface are when selecting a pillow. Generally if you have a soft mattress you may need a lower profile pillow. If your mattress is firm then it’s possible you may need a higher profile pillow.

Blu Sleep Products pillows are made with our Blu adaptive foams, adjusting to your body instead of you adjusting to the pillow. This helps considerably when adapting to each individual.


Determine your sleep style

Your sleep style is the position you spend most of the night in – and the position you sleep in is an important factor in choosing a pillow that will allow you to keep your head, neck and spine aligned as straight as possible for a healthier more comfortable sleep.

Side sleeper
Most people are side sleepers, which means they spend most of the night on their right or left side. Side sleepers tend to require a thicker firmer pillow because their head/neck are furthest away from the mattress.

Stomach sleeper
People who spend most of the night on their stomachs need to consider if they sleep with their arms tucked under their heads or along their sides. They may require a soft plump pillow that cushions the head and neck at a comfortable angle.

Back sleepers
Back sleepers tend to prefer medium support pillows that support the natural curvature of the upper spine, and achieve the perfect position for your head and neck.

Variable sleepers
These types don’t maintain a particular position throughout the night. They may sleep best with a medium density pillow that adjusts to all positions.

Other factors to consider when choosing a pillow include the size, and the cover material.

How often should you replace your pillow?

Though many people get attached to their pillows, some sleep experts agree that you should replace your pillow every few years – or before. If you’re unsure, try the simple fold test: fold your pillow in half and see how it reacts. If it stays folded, it’s time for a new pillow!

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